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Marriage changes women's priorities: Survey

51% of women who were asked rank future partner number one priority

This pillow can stop your snorer husband!

Powered by an AC adapter, the pillow offers a peaceful night of slumber

Indian women want men who can help at home

39.5% said they secretly expect their men to know how to cook, and 51.2%

Relish dishes made sans onions

Corporate Executive Chef Nimish Bhatia shares his recipes that don't need onions

Women prefer to work out at home

Over one-third of the women respondents shunned the gym, and chose to work out in the comfort of their own home

Redo your home decor with bright, bold shades

Leading decor store offers easy tips to change the look of your sweet home

Indian mothers give up their dreams for their children: Survey

68 percent moms, however, desire to chase their dreams after their first child’s birth

Woman delivers twins on train - for the second time!

Zubin Nisha’s four-year-old twins had also arrived in a running train

‘Financially-dependent women prone to bad treatment’

Celebrated French-Turkish author Kenize Mourad opines at Kolkata Literary Festival

Moms go online for seeking parenting advice

Benefits include practical and quick feedback, no medical fee and undisclosed identity

Women can nag men into shape: Study

Giving negative feedback can sometimes have positive benefits in a relationship

Wake up! Perfect woman doesn't exist

Eight in 10 men in Remington’s poll were convinced there was no ideal female

Parenting a challenging job: British study

Sleepless nights, toddler tantrums top in the list of most-stressful situations

Hovering moms have anxious kids: Study

Leave children to make their own decisions and mistakes, psychologists suggest

Ahmedabad deco turns fishy

Gone are the days when cats and dogs ruled as pets. Many Amdavadis now opt for fishes!


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