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Janardan cast(e)s the first stone

Congress general secretary expresses need to abolish caste-based quotas

What women want: An enlightened mindset

One year after the Delhi gang-rape, it looks like the first flush of anger is dying down

Trust no one…if you may!

Novel 'The Serpent’s Tooth' makes the reader relive every moment of the reign of Moghul Emperor Shah Jahan

Does India need to adore English?

Foreigners are surprised when they see Indians conversing among themselves in English

Good journalism takes a beating

Unscientific probe into the Aarushi case led the media to fall into the trap of sensationalism

Changing networking needs of Global Gujaratis

Assert your ‘Gujju’ identity, rather than language, feels Dr. Vidyut Joshi, a Gujarati sociologist

Why not a special speed track for super rich brats?

A “novel” solution to end drunk driving mishaps in Ahmedabad

Gandhi upheld saintly values in a political struggle

By giving up gains and sticking to beliefs, Mahatma stood taller among leaders

Women's security: Time to establish accountability

Govt resorting to time-tested dilatory measures — judicial panels, promises of action

The ‘Best’ Beast

Few artists from Gujarat responded sensitively to the post-Godhra conflicts through their artworks

Symbolism in the language of Art

Though there are many symbols that are universally understood, a lot of them are extremely culture-specific.

‘Early to bed’ makes youth see red

More youngsters today prefer to live the life of an owl than to sleep and wake up early.

Shri Nathji, Lord and King at Nathdwara

Lord Krishna as Shri Nathji is worshipped in a completely unique and elaborate manner

Does Baroda remember Sri Aurobindo?

The years spent at Baroda helped in political and spiritual awakening of Sri Aurobindo

Primitive Indian mindsets resisting change

The public molestation of the Guwahati teenager has undoubtedly shocked India

It also happens here: Women in India fight indifference

Guwahati incident and a UP panchayat order reveal women’s status in society

Ranjitsinh Gaekwad: The Gentleman King

The passing away of Ranjitsinghji is the passing of an era


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