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Weekly Horoscope

: From May 04, 2014 To May 10, 2014

મેષ (અ.લ.ઇ)


Whether you can meet the expectations of your superiors will depend upon the level of your involvement in your work, says Ganesha. With a little determination you will be able to increase your concentration, which will help you come up with new ideas, which will please your bosses. Your business ties with your important clients need to be handled with care, or they could lead to unnecessary resentments. On the financial front, things look to be comfortable this week, so you may be able to afford to spend on some luxuries. However, on the personal front, things may be far from being hunky dory. In fact, you may have to handle issues with your spouse with a great deal of maturity and a cool head, as your relationship may be in a delicate phase.

વૃષભ (બ.વ.ઉ)


You shall scintillate, thanks to your wit and wisdom, this week, says Ganesha. You will pay careful attention to minor details, and your approach to work will be extremely meticulous. The planetary configurations are such that they will favour you on the professional front, and if you work hard you could be making rapid progress this week. Being so high on self-confidence, you shall tend to take risks while doing things in innovative ways, but since you will also be very practical at the same time, your efforts will bear positive fruits. Your optimistic outlook will have a huge impact on the people who come in contact with you in your daily life. They will look up to you for guidance, and you shall not disappoint them.

મિથુન (ક.છ.ઘ)


Though you will be very alert and sharp this week, Ganesha advises you not to be too impatient. Rather, go about your work in a slow and steady manner, because if you try to hurry things up, you are likely to make mistakes, which may prove to be very costly in the long run. Also, the week is not too auspicious for taking new initiatives - just carry on with your routine work and save your new ideas for later, when the planets are more favourably aligned. On the personal front, things will be smooth - you will be on the same page with your spouse, and an addition to your family is also likely. Health may be somewhat delicate, though nothing serious. Minor things such as an inability to concentrate, because of lack of good sleep may cause you some problems.

કર્ક (હ.ડ)


Ganesha foresees that although the week is auspicious in the sense that you may get some really attractive job offers, your situation in your present job may be a bit tricky. You could become a victim of oneupmanship in your office. Unless you remain very alert to thwart such attempts, you could find yourself in a big trouble. As for the new job offers, Ganesha advises you to consider them wisely, taking into account the work profile and your inclination and ability to adapt to new circumstances. On the financial front, some debts which you may have written off may surprisingly be repaid to you, giving your savings a big boost. Monetary gains from different sources are possible. Things on the domestic front will be smooth as long as you don't lose your temper.

સિંહ (મ.ટ)


The planetary positions this week suggest that you will experience success in your business endeavours. Being in a powerful position in the industry, you shall largely be able to dictate terms and have things your way. Your business volumes and net profits will be unprecedented. All this success will give you the much-needed confidence to launch the new projects that you have been planning for a long time. Even for professionals this week looks good, and you shall complete all your tasks to the full satisfaction of your bosses. Your professional and social prestige will both increase. Some of you are likely to come across a very attractive job opportunity. Whatever decisions you take, Ganesha advises you to involve your family members, especially the elder ones as they can put things in perspective.

	કન્યા (પ.ઠ.ણ)


This week the stars are going to be in your favour on your financial front, whether you are a professional or a businessman. Ganesha predicts that you will not shy away from taking calculated risks as a businessman, which will quickly translate into concrete monetary gains. As a professional, you are likely to find an additional avenue to earn some extra money, and you will be in a much better financial position than ever in recent times. It is during such good times that you need to cast a compassionate look at the under-privileged members of society and do your bit to enhance their standard of living. That way you shall earn their goodwill, assures Ganesha. On the romantic front, you may expect to have great fun with your beloved.

તુલા (ર.ત)


You will be brimming with energy this week and will go about your tasks briskly and in a totally independent manner. You are very helpful by nature, and generally the first person that others turn towards in times of distress, but when it comes to your own problems, you prefer to solve them yourself without depending on anyone. Which is why, Ganesha warns you to be careful as some untoward events may throw you off-track. Both businessmen and professionals are likely to be under tremendous work pressure, but if you become impatient, you will only aggravate matters, so try to maintain your cool. If it means postponing certain tasks which are not too urgent for later, then so be it. Also be careful of your relationships, as things are likely to be a bit touchy.

વૃશ્ચિક (ન.ય)


Unless you are very careful this week, Ganesha warns you that success is likely to go to your head. The net effect is going to be that your social esteem will go down and nobody will respect you, no matter how much the quantum of your professional success may be. So if you wish to be respected by others, you will have to change your attitude and try to be humble, instead of being so arrogant. Even your co-workers will not give you any respect if you behave arrogantly. The success of businessmen may not be so spectacular, but it will definitely be there, and by the weekend you shall also be able to quantify it accurately. Even in your domestic life, make sure that you don't throw your weight around, instead be affectionate and give your family all material comforts.

ધન (ભ.ધ.ફ.ઢ)


Trying to be over-generous may cost you dearly this week, whether it is on the professional, business or financial fronts. Ganesha says the reason is that you try too hard to help others, without paying heed to your own work, which, as a result, suffers. So, help others only after your own work is done and completed. You will have to work hard to accomplish your tasks, so don't expect that just being amiable will do the trick. If you are feeling bored, Ganesha assures you that new projects are in the pipeline, which will surely raise your spirits. On the romantic front, you will have to handle your relationships very carefully if you are single, as your beloved may be a bit touchy, but married couples may expect smooth sailing.

મકર (ખ.જ)


Ganesha predicts that the pains you have taken in recent times will now begin to give results, more particularly on the financial front. Money will pour in from various sources, your liquidity will grow, giving you a great feeling of security. In fact you may even go ahead and lavishly spend on purchasing things to give as much material comfort that you can give to your family members. You will also have enough funds to invest in expanding the scope of your business. Your current work, though, will not give you immediate results, so you will need to be patient and persist with your hard work if you wish to get the desired results in the future. Take care of your health, exercise regularly, maybe even try meditation, and be extremely alert while driving.

કુંભ (ગ.સ.શ.ષ)


This week calls for some smart work – and some fast work, says Ganesha. If you keep going at your current pace, you could miss out on your deadlines, and more importantly, you may not be able to identify certain fleeting opportunities. So pull up your socks, as you may have to do some slick multi-tasking, regardless of whether you are a businessman or a professional. On the personal front, you are likely to become too image-conscious. A visit to a beauty parlour is very much on the cards, but don't go overboard or get yourself a fancy look which you may not be able to carry off. Also, be wary of not spending too much as it could throw your budget off-track. The planets suggest that some major changes – for the better – may be about to happen in your life.

મીન (દ.ચ.ઝ.થ)


You are unlikely to be very happy with your professional life, as you may be resenting the fact that your hard work is not being recognised by the powers that be, let alone being rewarded. All this is going to make you look around for better job opportunities, but it is unlikely that anything concrete will materialise this week, so be patient and accept your circumstances with grace. It will be difficult, because even on other fronts you may be facing some disturbances. However, Ganesha says these disturbances are largely caused by negative thinking, and if you could just change your outlook a little bit towards the positive side, things will start giving you more satisfaction. Financially you will be comfortable with your stocks fetching good dividends.



Horoscope Courtesy: GaneshaSpeaks.com



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