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Old Age News

Men too get affected by bone diseases

October 20 is World Osteoporosis Day

Struggling with grey hair? Choose right hairstyle

It is better to keep long hair as it can help in more than one way, says expert

Checking prostate cancer: Eat more fish, vegetables, avoid meats

Choosing a healthy diet is imperative in reducing the risk of this global killer, says expert

Early medical help can slow effects of Alzheimer's: Experts

An incurable form of dementia, the condition commonly affects people above 60

Avoid dementia by keeping brain 'active'

Performing mental challenges leads to slower cognitive decline, says a new American study

Adults can learn just like kids

Lack of time and self-esteem stand in the way of adults picking up new skills

Retirement can damage your health, says study

It increases the probability of having at least one diagnosed disease by about 60 percent

Hearing loss speeds up cognitive decline

It expedites the impairment of brain functions by more than 3 years

Ageing India lonely, resigned: Survey

80 percent of elders not satisfied with current security options, reveals AZ Research

Kutiyana: Elderly woman, 107 years old, casts vote

Commitment of the ardent voter receives praise from locals

Nearly 71 percent of Indian elders compelled to work: Survey

Octogenarians too work in the country that has around 90 million ageing people

At 95, Himachal's oldest voter awaits poll

Partially blind, hard of hearing, needs help to walk, yet the nonagenarian keen to vote again

Zinc deficiency erodes immune system

Two billion people worldwide have diets deficient in this vital micronutrient

World's elderly could number two billion by 2050: UN report

Oct 1 is observed as International Day of the Elderly

More Indians falling prey to Alzheimer's disease

World Alzheimer's Day falls on Sep 21

Agra doctor gives new hope to the hearing impaired

Before divulging the technique, he wants to patent it

Big B joins Facebook, gets about 8 lakh likes

The megastar has been connected to his worldwide fans through blog and Twitter

'Second Marriage Dot Com', about elderly's needs

The movie depicts youngsters understanding the emotional needs of their parents

Daytime naps could be early sign of dementia

Sleeping more than nine hours, or less than five, linked to lower mental ability

Brain scans to detect Alzheimer's decades ahead

Patients’ brains and spines undergo changes in their 30s and 40s


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