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Childhood News

Single parent can make kids happy too

It's the quality of the relationships in the home that matters - not the family composition, says researcher

Limit your kids' screen time for better school results

Wait for seven months to see the benefits of limiting screen time of your children

Kids who sleep less eat more

Children who sleep less tend to eat more which increases risk of obesity

Beware! Lies by adults affect child's honesty

The conclusion is based on a study conducted on children in the age group 3 to 7

Barbie dolls can limit girls' career choices: Study

Make sure there are a wide variety of toys with your kid, suggest American psychologists

Kerala launches online painting contest for kids

The competition is open from Jan 15 to May 31 to all children aged 4-15 years

Bottle feeding may increase stomach obstruction in infants

The risk may increase if mothers are older and have more than one child

Abuse at home makes kids go missing: Survey

Many of them end up getting trafficked to neighbouring countries

Parents' shouting could be damaging for kids

Parents’ harsh verbal discipline is damaging to the developing adolescent

Make learning fun for kids with poems

Choose poetry that is not boring, suggest experts

Lifestyle, stress leads to rising acidity in youngsters

Frequent acidity can lead to cancer of the food pipe, says gastroenterologist

Penguin launches web portal for young readers

Having interesting and organised sections, the website allows child-friendly navigation

Give your child's bedroom 'cartoon' makeover

Portico’s exclusive collection starts at Rs.999 for bed sheets and Rs.1,899 for comforters

Child's IQ linked to early weight gain

Children whose heads grow quickly during the first month of life tend to have a higher IQ when they turn six

Dads rely on Google to solve children's problems: Survey

Fathers mostly struggle with homework, for which they rely on the web search engine

Malnourished children are less literate: Report

Missing a nutritious diet can severely impair children's cognitive development

Kids hardly get to spend 1 hour with parents: Study

Majority of youth spend less time with their families resulting in estranged relationships

Picture books can boost your child's vocabulary

Reading picture storybooks with kids exposes them to complicated words, claim psychologists

Early intervention can help tackle autism

The first signs of the neuro-development disorder appear before the age of three years

Fight cyber bullies with digital literacy: experts

Monitoring becomes easier if parents become 'friends' with their children online


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