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Smoking during pregnancy may raise heart defects risk in babies

Newborns whose mothers smoked were at about a 50-70 % greater risk for anomalies of the valve and vessels

Control BP, do exercise to prevent second stroke: Study

Ask your physician about aspirin therapy or a surgical procedure, suggests AHA

Go for protein-rich breakfast for a healthy day

High-protein breakfast controls hunger, improves appetite ratings and consumes fewer calories

Yoga can help women with urinary incontinence

It can help improve pelvic health and avoid accidental urine leakage, a research indicates

Garnish food with edible flowers for disease-free life!

Rich in phenolics, edible flowers, have excellent antioxidant capacity, says research

Junk food makes people lazy

The energy-draining effects of junk food can persist even when someone is switched to

What to do before morning workout?

For a good health, make sure you rise early and be prepared to hit the gym

A watermelon a day can keep BP away

The pressure on the aorta and the heart decreases after consuming watermelon

Twitter is your new migraine doctor!

Research indicates a growing trend of sharing physical and emotional pain on social media

Sleep quality does affect decision-making ability

Poor sleep quality is associated with a 40 to 50 percent increase in the odds of clinically

Seven portions of fresh fruits, veggies for long life

The higher the intake, the greater the protective effects, shows research

Earl Grey tea good for your heart

A cup of Earl Grey tea daily can lower 'bad' cholesterol

'WhatsAppitis' is a real disease: Lancet

Excessive use of 'WhatsApp' may cause wrist pain, thumb disease

This man cured diabetes with 12-minute workout!

67-year-old John Hall’s health results have even left doctors stunned.

Keep your kitchen airy for safer lungs

Substituting biogas for biomass fuel and improving ventilation in kitchens are important steps to follow

Want to stay young? Eat less

Dietary restriction leads to increased cellular recycling and repair in the body, shows research

How to manage your cholesterol

Nutritionist suggests foods that reduce heart disease or stroke risk

Food combinations that hinder digestion

Fruit with carbohydrates, dairy with fruit are among the combinations you should avoid

Eat strawberries to get rid of bad cholesterol

Consuming 500g of strawberries a day for a month dramatically reduces the levels of bad cholesterol

Easy ways to tone up at work

Control portions, think about healthy snacks like yoghurt and almonds, suggests expert


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