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Devinder Sharma

Devinder Sharma

(Devinder Sharma is a leading expert and commentator on issues concerning food, agriculture and business. He currently plays a key role as a strategist in the anti-corruption campaign run by Ramdev Baba and Anna Hazare. In this column, he discusses issues that affect the grassroots economy and the nation.)

Devinder Sharma ના મંતવ્યો :

Agribusiness and rich farmers corner farm loans

Small and marginal farmers in India get less than 6 per cent of farm credit

A hungry nation proudly exports food

UPA government seems more inclined to please market forces than feed the poor

Food wastage myth is guiding our faulty policy-making

A baseless claim about 40 pc food going waste has been hyped to justify FDI in Retail

Monsoon drift should concern planners

From drought like situations to floods in many regions, unpredictable monsoon caught everyone unprepared

Kurien exit: End of white revolution?

The ‘milkman of India’ was worried about the take over of the cooperative dairy industry by the private sector

Movements for change or power?

Team Anna's decision to join mainstream politics could have worrisome consequences for social movements

Why do we ignore our desi cows?

While India ignores its cows, Brazil is the biggest exporter of Indian breeds

Delayed monsoon keeps the country on edge

With shortfall in rain and possibility of El Nino, food production may be lower this year.


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