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Science-Technology News

US university honours to Indian engineer

Anil Rajvanshi, a renewable energy pioneer of India, was honoured by the University of Florida

Magnets to power your fridge!

Current refrigerators are among the biggest consumers of energy in the home

Coldest star in space discovered

The dwarf star, estimated to be 3-10 times the mass of Jupiter, has a temperature between minus 48 and minus 13 degrees C

Mobile tech promotes literacy in developing countries: Unesco

"Reading in the Mobile Era" highlights that hundreds of thousands of people currently use mobile

An 'upside-down planet' discovered

It reveals new method for studying binary star systems

Get ready for smaller, better hard drives

Scientists discover a novel technique involving interface of two different materials

Coming, ATMs that retaliate when they are attacked

The ATM would spray hot foam on the face of the attacker if he tries to force it open

Human body heat to power Google Glass!

Researchers develop a glass fabric-based thermoelectric generator that is extremely light and flexible

Indian spacecraft Orbiter halfway to Mars

The Rs.450-crore Mars Orbiter Mission was launched Nov 5

NASA probe set to meet death on moon!

The LADEE probe is expected to hit the far side of the moon not visible from the earth

India puts second navigation satellite into orbit

The country will have all the navigational satellite system by middle of 2015

Indian navigation satellite IRNSS-1B launch today

PSLV-C24 rocket carrying 1,432 kg satellite is set to blast off at 5.14 p.m. Friday

Find date drug in your drink in 30 seconds!

A flourescent sensor can instantly detect GHB- an odourless and colourless drug

App that connects mothers with babies in womb!

The smartphone app tracks heartbeats, times when the baby kicks and weight of the growing foetus

China has 3.5 mn websites

The websites, with 4.61 million domain names, were owned and operated by 2.82 million

Coming soon, a computer that can spot faked expressions

The system can also help detect deceptive actions at job screenings, security issues

New method to ease n-fusion for energy production

The magnetic reconnection mechanism is based on science behind solar flares and the aurora

An app that reduces anxiety in just 25 minutes!

The app involves a mobile game based on attention-bias modification training

This app takes your wardrobe online

This free shopping app compares clothes in your wardrobe with similar items online

Reveal your caffeine persona with this App!

The app can tell exactly how much coffee can impact your sleep


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