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Public Health News

Vibrating capsule could help treat chronic constipation

The vibrations cause contractions in the intestine, which help move stool through the gut

Weight-loss surgery can decrease liver damage

Bariatric surgery can also result in significant improvement in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, study shows

Stress may affect pregnancy in women, study shows

Psychological stress may indeed make it more difficult to get pregnant

WHO launches new guide for malaria eradication

The new guide comes on the occasion of World Malaria Day on April 25

How to sleep sweat-free during summer nights

Try using curtains smartly or wash your feet before slipping into bed for a sound nap

YouTube channel on diabetes launched

The channel will provide simple answers to complex questions on living with diabetes in India

Junk food makes people lazy

The energy-draining effects of junk food can persist even when someone is switched to

Iron improves women's performance at gym

Women who take iron supplements experience a marked improvement in their exercise performance

e-cigarettes next big smoking poison, warns study

The fast spreading e-cigarettes are undoing the anti-smoking efforts of the last three decades

Indian-American cardiologist wins prestigious US award

An Indian-American cardiologist has won the American College of Cardiology's prestigious

India among eight nations formally declared polio-free

The country reported the last polio case in January 2011

Kids who sleep less eat more

Children who sleep less tend to eat more which increases risk of obesity

Man with 12 bypass grafts ready for discharge

The record-breaking surgery may receive a Guinness World Records citation

Smoking increases risk of TB recurrence: Study

Regular tobacco smoke increases the risk of recurrence of tuberculosis in patients

Depression can lead to obesity in adolescent girls

Adolescent girls who suffer from depression are at a greater risk for developing obesity

Harvard scientists build heart tissue that beats

The micro-patterned elastic hydrogels can one day be used as cardiac patches

Dark chocolate can reduce long-term stroke risk: Study

Certain gut bacteria turn the chocolate into compounds that are good for the heart

An app that reduces anxiety in just 25 minutes!

The app involves a mobile game based on attention-bias modification training

Green smoothies good for health, but not for teeth

The colour in foods comes from chromogens, highly pigmented molecules which easily

Camera that detects skin cancer in two seconds!

The hand-held ultra-precision camera is developed by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland


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