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Jamnagar: Dredging underway in dams

GGN Team | April 12, 2013, 05:38 PM IST
jamnagar dredging underway in dams

Jamnagar :

The sites at various dams in Jamnagar district are bustling with activity as the task of removing alluvium from the empty dams is under progress.

As part of the initiative, dredging has been undertaken in 18 out of a total of 19 dams in the district. The dams where the work is going on include Sorthi, Sani, Gandhavi, Shedha Bhadthari, Vodisang, Kankavati, Sonmati, Vartu-1, Daimeensar, Ghei, Rangmati, Rupavati, Oond-2, Sapada, Sasoi, Phuljhar-1 and Vijrakhi dams.

The dredging carried out for alluvium removal serves dual purpose as the bed area of the reservoir gets cleared of wet mud which in turn is distributed to farmers free-of-cost to help them increase fertility of their lands. The dams have greater water storage capacity once the bed gets cleared of the wet mud.

"The farmers are entitled to get the alluvium for free but we will take action against the contractors if they charge money or act on personal whim in distribution work," said Mr. Chaudhury, JE (Irrigation). He further said that the irrigation department can fine the contractors for irregularities it will do so if such things come to light.

Besides this, the irrigation department has also undertaken alluvium removal work in 40 ponds looked after the Panchayat department.


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