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Iron improves women's performance at gym

IANS | April 13, 2014, 02:19 PM IST
iron improves women s performance at gym

Sydney : Women who take iron supplements experience a marked improvement in their exercise performance, a study has found.

Researchers undertook a systematic review and analysis of the effect of iron supplements on the exercise performance of women in their child-bearing years.

"Iron supplementation improved women's exercise performance in terms of both the highest level they could achieve at 100 percent exertion and their exercise efficiency at a sub-maximal exertion," said lead researcher Sant-Rayn Pasricha from the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health.

Women who were given iron were able to perform a given exercise using a lower heart rate and at a higher efficiency.

"This was mainly seen in women who have been iron-deficient or anaemic at the beginning of the trial and in women who were specifically training, including in elite athletes," he said.

"It may be worthwhile screening women, including women training as elite athletes, for iron deficiency, and ensuring they receive appropriate prevention and treatment strategies.

"Athletes, especially females, are at increased risk of iron deficiency potentially, due to their diets and inflammation caused by excessive exercise," said Pasricha.

Other studies have shown that women given iron supplements improved work productivity.

Iron deficiency can also produce fatigue and lethargy and eventually result in iron deficiency anaemia, found the study the findings of which have been published in the 'Journal of Nutrition'.



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