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Assure Indian community of its safety: Krishna to US

IANS | August 07, 2012, 02:54 PM IST
assure indian community of its safety krishna to us

New Delhi : External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna on Tuesday said he had spoken to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and conveyed to her India's concerns over the killing of six people in a gurdwara in Wisconsin. He also told her that the US needed to assure the Indian community that it will be safe.

Krishna spoke to Clinton on late Monday.

"I had a chance to talk to Secretary Clinton who is touring South Africa. I have conveyed our concerns about the attack and loss of very precious life in this heinous crime against place of religious worship," Krishna told reporters.

He said he had told her that an "assurance to the Indian community has to come out from the Obama administration that they are going to be quite safe". 

"I have also suggested to Secretary Clinton that the places of worship in US cutting across religious denominations must be given full protection... I found she is more than willing to do it and she is as disturbed as anyone of us in India," he said.

Referring to investigations into the attack, he said: "I think the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) of US has already swung into the action. Once they (US) are in possession of the report they might convey to India."

"Our ambassador is in touch with White House with the State Department and I am sure that the kind of inquiry and investigation is going to take place in US is going to reveal the identity and background of the one who was responsible," he added.

A lone gunman opened fire at devotees at a gurdwara in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, killing six people and spreading terror in the area.


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